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        CONTACT US

        Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.
        168 Mid Zhiyuan Avenue,Binhai New Area,Shaoxing City,Zhejiang Province,312366, P.R.China

        Tel: 0086-575-85211979


        • 2014-07-14

          Removal notice

          Dear CustomerPlease be informed that we had been reallocated to the following new office address effective from July 14 2014Company Name    Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.New Address         Fl.3,Building ...

        • 2014-06-03

          INTERVIEW: Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.(ZMC) Discusses Their New Vitamin E Facility

          Source: http://www.feedinfo.com24 April 2014 –Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. (ZMC) recently announced the completion of their new Vitamin E facility at Zhejiang Changhai Biological Co., Ltd. This newproduction site is a state of the art facility, located in ...

        • 2014-04-14

          Honored with China Top 5 Export of APIs again

          March 19th  2014, the third session of the sixth of CCCMHPIE (China Chamber of commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products) council was held in Haikou, Hainan Province. ZMC  was honored with China Top 5 Export of APIs, and this is the...

        • 2014-03-10

          ZMC, one more trademark appraised as Zhejiang Famous Trademark held by Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd

          Approved by Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry & Commerce, ZMC held by our company is appraised as Zhejiang Famous Trademark, and it’s used on the fifth types of goods (tablets,capsules, APIs inclued). Besides ZMC, so far we have acquired pro...

        • 2013-09-25

          USP sent certificate of appreciation to Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.

          23, September,2013, the U.S. pharmacopeial convention expressed appreciation to Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. for 2012 Participation in the public standards-setting process and providing reference in support of the USP mission. XinchangPharmaceutical Factory par...

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