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        Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.
        168 Mid Zhiyuan Avenue,Binhai New Area,Shaoxing City,Zhejiang Province,312366, P.R.China

        Tel: 0086-575-85211979

        National Key Projects

        Shaoxing Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry

        Enterprise incubation base for new drugs–Antineoplastic drugs ananti-drug-resistant of natural origin

        R&D of innovative drugs - anti-tumor drug Puquitinib Mesylate and its tablets

        Clinical research of new drugs – the R&D of innovative quinolone drug MX

        Technological transformation of the large drug variety technological transformation on vitamin E and the R&D on its critical technology

        Chinese pharmaceutical technology innovation and strategic alliances of industrialization

        IV clinical studies ofⅠclass new drug malic acid Nemonoxacin capsules

        National High Technology Research and Development programs ( 863 Program )

        Develop key technology of steroidal drug intermediates and important steroidal agents' synthetic process by applying biotechnology

        Research on lymphatic targeted drug delivery technology and development of new drugs

        Research on lymphatic targeted drug delivery technology and development of new drugs (rolling plan)

        The gene deletion and optimization of antibiotic production strains (pristinamycin)

        Purification technology of Chlorinated and sulfur pharmaceutical industrial emissions as well as demonstration

        Research on the key common technology in green chemistry and its application in the chemical APIs production process National contruction project on the innovation ability of enterprise technology center National Torch Program, National Key New products
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